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Businesses can realize success if they take all the right steps, and one of these steps is to avail of full stack development services from Peregrine Infoworld. Our developers bring decades of experience to the table and use their expertise to ideate industry-leading solutions for your business. In full stack development, we employ a team of developers who are well-versed with back-end and front-end development along with database management.

We use the best-fit technologies for the development work, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for frontend development. Our developers have gained immense experience and expertise in PHP, C++, Python, JavaScript, Node.JS, and Java for back-end solutions. Besides these technologies, we also use frontend and backend frameworks wherever necessary. At Peregrine Infoworld, we follow a systematic development process to ensure that every client project is built and deployed with the best possible tech stack. For this, we employ technical experts and analysts who identify the key areas of differentiation and work to help build performant solutions.

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MEAN and MERN Stack Development

Among all the available technologies we can use for full stack development, the MERN and MEAN stack has gained prominence. At Peregrine Infoworld, we have in-house experts working with both these tech stacks and offering performant solutions to the clients.

MEAN Stack
MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.Js, Angular.Js, and Node.Js. Our MEAN stack developers work with a cross-platform development approach. MEAN stack development is best fitted for building natively cloud and single-page applications, but we have used it for other tasks as well. These include building workflow management tools, ToDo solutions, Calendar-based applications, and aggregation websites.

The MEAN architecture is specifically built to make web applications easily and handle the JSON requests super smoothly. Our developers consider the innate capabilities of the MEAN stack to build high-performance solutions, especially HTML pages, that can communicate with the backend systems smoothly.

MERN Stack
Expanded as MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js, the MERN stack is another ideal solution to work with JavaScript and JSON requests. Using this technology, our developers can build smooth sailing 3-tier architecture and build impressive applications. As one of the best full stack development company, we have gained extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions with MERN.

One of the best use cases of MERN is building JSON-heavy, cloud-native, and dynamic web applications and interfaces. However, this combination of possibilities means we can create any type of application with MERN. So, all you need to do is let us know your requirements and ideas; we will take care of the rest.

Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developers

The moment you think about kick-starting your business with a new approach and want to add the “X” factor to it, look no further than Peregrine Infoworld. Our full stack developers work to ensure client satisfaction and integrate innovative functions and features into your solutions, leading to amazing results.

When it comes to full stack development, it means a single person can take care of all the development tasks. At Peregrine Infoworld, you can hire a single full stack mobile developer to dedicatedly work on your project or ask us to deploy multiple developers for the task.

Working dedicatedly means the hired personnel will work on your project for the entire day until the project is delivered as per your expectations. Our engagement models ensure that you pay for only the number of hours developers have worked on your project. As we work with a Contract to Hire (C2H) system, there is no increments in costs and managing the entire project for you and for us becomes easier.

Moreover, every project in our roster is supervised by technical experts and project managers. The managers ensure that every update is effectively communicated to the clients, and regular meetings are held for the same purpose. Two popular engagement models you can conspire to hire full stack developers from Peregrine Infoworld include;


This is a work setting where the full stack development tasks are divided into a project, and you hire us for the entirety of the project. We will work on the project until the promised deliverables are delivered.

Agency of Record

For the development projects that have a continuous nature, we can work extensively and exclusively with you till the time you need our services. This is a rather flexible engagement system where we dedicate our resources to your project if and when required.

We can build applications with full stack technologies for every industry and use case while ensuring that your customer enjoys a native experience manifested with impressive designs and interfaces. Besides working on frontend and backend solutions, our team of full stack developers also provides API integration, Database configuration, Quality Analysis, DevOps, and UI/UX designing solutions.

We delegate the most experienced and technically mature developers for enterprises and large-scale businesses as they can easily work through the development complexities. We can create bespoke solutions for managing and building large databases for effective data management and communication solutions to ensure seamless connectivity between frontend and backend systems.

Advantages of Full Stack Development

One of the key benefits of full stack development is the comprehensiveness of the solutions built with this technology. As this is a one-stop solution for building every component of a solution, you won’t have to worry about hiring all sorts of developers for your solution. Due to the fact that one person can build a full-fledged application, the development lifecycle is reasonably cut short because of the faster development process.

Moreover, applications built with full stack technologies are highly scalable and have been known to increase productivity in terms of better engagement, conversion, and retention. These applications are exceptionally secure due to the tech stack chosen by our expert developers and the development methodologies they use for the purpose.

Our Expert Full Stack
Development Solutions and Services

Frontend Development

Using advanced and relevant technologies, our full stack experts focus on building impressive and performance-ready solutions for your business. We deliver quick development with a responsive design leading to creating new customer experiences.

Backend Development

Our cost-minimizing backend development solutions are built to ensure application enhancements and improve the business functions. These solutions are built to function seamlessly and deliver high-end solutions.

API Integration

Peregrine Infoworld full stack developers are experts in creating custom web API and integration solutions. Our API solutions bring modernity into your existing solutions while decreasing the cost of the same and improving the time to market by enhancing the speed and removing hindrances.

Quality Analysis

Along with following strict development protocols, our full stack development services include vigorous testing ensuring accuracy and high-quality product output. We provide bug-free code making your application free from performance and security issues.

Full Stack Development Consultation

You can ask our experts to talk you through the possibilities and benefits of full stack development while sharing ideas specific to your business, audience, and market.

Support and Maintenance

Besides providing high-quality development services, you can also contact us for support and maintenance services. Our developers can work with any type of application and solution.

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Why Select Us as Your Development Company

In our iOS development solution, we use an Agile methodology. This approach helps to resolve issues throughout the development process with smooth communication between cross-functional teams and our customers. Their work together also ensures a seamless and fast delivery.
We have custom engagement models that allow you to hire iOS app developer on an hourly or fixed-price basis to meet your specific business needs.
We sign NDA contracts before working on your custom iOS app development. This will ensure the complete safety and security of the code and information.
We believe in total accountability with our customers and strive to keep them informed during the custom iOS app development process.
Our use of agile methodology has culminated in a stellar track record of execution. We finish projects on schedule and also matching a high standard.
Our team analyzes customers’ needs and offers the latest and the most compatible solutions based on your budget. We suggest the technology stake according to the requirement and provide the best solution at optimal costs.
We have a technical support team who can answer all of your questions free of cost. They can guide you through the process, and craft the best possible solution to ensure a pleasant experience.

Industry Specific Solutions

Peregrine InfoWorld is noted for its custom solutions. For all our clients, we try to provide solutions that are designed to specifically fit the industry they operate in. Through our knowledge and experience in the industry, we help translate ideas into value-added services that give customers an edge in business and peace of mind. With us, you are guaranteed to get nothing but quality services and non-stop support all throughout.

Entire solution for the Cab booking system including Driver and Customer apps and Admin panel to manage it from the backend.

On-Demand Home Delivery App solution for Food, Grocery, Medicine, etc. Simple to operate and powerful for the business.

Online Dating App with the latest and engaging design with matchmaking, Chat, Call, and other latest features with free and subscription model options.

An app for the professional networks to get connected and share ideas, talk business, promote service,s, etc. for the business-driven opportunity.

User-friendly software solutions for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other Institutes involved in the education industry for quick and efficient admin work, for Online lectures and managing heavily loaded video transmissions, for learning interactive games, etc.

An app to serve all the needs to run On-demand services with Vendor and Customer fronts, online bookings, payment gateways, and VOIP supports.

One of the leading industries nowadays – is OTT platforms to stream online videos and manage social following like TikTok, Youtube, Netflix, etc. with revenue generation model logic via advertisement and subscriptions.

To trade Stocks and other permitted commodities and to buy-manage mutual funds with super fast real-time transaction and operations facilities.

People Who Trust Us

Peregrine Infoworld has been sui far my best decision ever. The team is built professionally with the best in class developers and designers. I would definitely recommend Peregrine Infoworld to anyone who is considering to develop IT Managed Services.

Swapnil, Resis

عمل مميز واحترافي قدمه فريق العمل في تطوير التطبيق والموقع، من ناحية التصميم والتطوير والجودة. يستحق أن تكرر هذه التجربة في مشروع آخر.

Ayid Almgati, Sendan

They adhere to the time and the processes that are placed within the client organisation and work together with the client to improve the quality of the processes and the overall work. They work thinking the clients priority in mind.

Justine Stieger,, CEO

Peregrine InfoWorld has proved itself to be a trusted partner for proceeding with long-term relationship. It is a very professional company, very reliable, very pleasant to work with. I can only highly recommend this team.

Nish Langue, GM

They showed professionalism and outstanding efficiency. Timely updates about the progress and discussion about it and making the final product deliver on time, made me deeply impressed about Peregrine InfoWorld . I will strongly recommend them to all the other consumers for their software requirement.

Amik Nadeem,, Sales Head

Peregrine InfoWorld provides the best quality deliverable even in the most strenuous times. I am deeply satisfied by their quality of the product and also been impressed by their pre and post sales service.


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We have an elaborate portfolio of accomplished projects that are up and running right now. Our recent works are all custom software projects combined Web & Mobile platforms that we delivered for our clients.

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Peregrine InfoWorld Client Friendly Business Model

We have a very simple business model and that is focused on one and one thing alone, customer satisfaction. With our services and support, our biggest concern is how we can deliver you something that best fits your needs. Beyond commercial incentives, our object is to help your business reach the heights it has set out to achieve. That’s why timely delivery is one of our top priorities. Our business model has two pillars namely fair pricing and timely delivery. All the projects are processed at our dedicated development facility.

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