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Introduced by Facebook, React Native is an overarching application development technology allowing developers to build slick and smooth user interfaces with a significantly reduced load time. At Peregrine Infoworld, we provide and build scalable react native application development services with a community-driven approach and business-friendly practices.

React Native allows businesses to create a multi-platform presence at relatively lower costs without compromising the nativity and functionality a user would expect in a native application. While React Native has innate capabilities to exemplify the user experience, our developers take it one step further to build visionary applications at your request and according to the requirements. Our team of React Native developers is creative and has the capability to amplify your vision and steer it in the right direction leading to remarkable business results.

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Hire Dedicated React Native App Developers

Peregrine Infoworld offers dedicated app development services that are flexible and scalable according to the client’s requirements. We will work with you as a team extension and transform into an integral part of your organization, providing remarkable application development services with React Native on an hourly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Our React Native, mobile app development services represent the collaboration of human-driven design expertise and technological advancements leading to consistent results. Our contract to hire engagement model redefines the manner you can work with us. We write the application code in JavaScript and render it with native code, giving your application a similar look and performance to a native application.

We work with two engagement models for application development;


In the project-based model, we will work with you according to the predetermined objectives. The entire project will be divided into achievable components and delivered to the client accordingly. Our team of developers and professionals will communicate the updates regularly while ensuring the completion of every deliverable effectively.

Agency of Record

The Agency of Record system works continuously as an extension to your existing arrangement. We will be here to work on your project as and when required by your existing team or a third-party agency.

Our dedicated engagement setting is flexible in that you will pay only for the number of hours and resources put into the work. You won’t face issues with the pricing as we stick to the predetermined rates for the entirety of the project. We also ensure that the team working on your project updates their skills, stays ahead with the industry trends and knows about the latest technologies and updates meant for development.

We will ensure a memorable and productive collaboration between both parties. Our communication skills are up to date, and we work together with a go-getter attitude. With all this combined and the efficiency of React Native, we can promise a performant application for your business that is accepted, welcomed, and revered by your audience. While building your application, we utilize the technology’s technical proficiency leading to blazing-fast application performance.

Why Use React Native for your Business?

React Native is Facebooks’s brainchild, which means that there is an incredible team behind this technology that works to bring new features, capabilities, and functionalities to the shore. Moreover, we love working with React Native due to its speed and the single codebase. The single code makes it easier to find bugs (which are already less when our developers are working on the solution).

Plus, it brings the Code Push system, which means that you won’t have to push the application through the app store and play store update process. Code Push will automatically update the application during the runtime, and your customers won’t have to relaunch the application.

The React Native code is easy to read, and it provides a complete nativity feel in the application. More importantly, React Native’s primary code base means that it can provide the same foundational-level programming efficiency developers enjoy while developing solutions for iOS and Android separately. This is made possible by “the bridge,” which is a clean abstraction layer separating the traditional function of describing a component in the Web-View. The Bridge calls the rendering APIs on iOS and Android seamlessly, giving faster output without losing on the nativity part.

With React Native, we get to use several ready-made libraries and frameworks meant to ease the development process. These include Jest, Chai, Mocha, and Enzyme utilized for writing bug-free code. Errors in the code can be checked with ESLing via the linting process, and Redux is used in React Native to accomplish State Management.

With all these functions and services, React Native can seamlessly compute high-volume applications and help build cloud-native applications.

React Native App Development Services We Offer

As a scalable and support-friendly React Native development company, we engineer your app development requirements and use industry best practices to build simple, engaging, and scalable applications in a cost-effective manner.

React Native Consultation

Any sort of company will benefit from React Native, but there are some scenarios where the benefits are far more efficient than others. Our experts will help you understand the subtleties of the development technologies and steer your project in the right direction.

React Native App Development

Whether it is for iOS, Android, or Windows, we can build end-to-end applications with React Native while paying heed to your requirements. You can rely on us for ideation, feasibility testing, designing, development, testing, and deployment. We will ensure that your solution is up to the market standards and empowers customer experiences.

React Native Migration

Want to migrate your existing iOS or Android application to React Native? Ask us for React Native mobile app development and migration services. We can transfer and convert your existing code base written with Objective-C or JavaScript to React Native’s codebase while ensuring a glitch-free post-migration experience and improving your app’s performance.

React Native UI/UX Designing

We have in-house strategists and designers who work together to create the best wireframe and prototype for your application. Our designers work to create memorable customer experiences with amazing designs.

We Deliver Your Dreams,Digital Dreams, Through Our Team Of Experts!

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Why Select Us as Your Development Company

In our iOS development solution, we use an Agile methodology. This approach helps to resolve issues throughout the development process with smooth communication between cross-functional teams and our customers. Their work together also ensures a seamless and fast delivery.
We have custom engagement models that allow you to hire iOS app developer on an hourly or fixed-price basis to meet your specific business needs.
We sign NDA contracts before working on your custom iOS app development. This will ensure the complete safety and security of the code and information.
We believe in total accountability with our customers and strive to keep them informed during the custom iOS app development process.
Our use of agile methodology has culminated in a stellar track record of execution. We finish projects on schedule and also matching a high standard.
Our team analyzes customers’ needs and offers the latest and the most compatible solutions based on your budget. We suggest the technology stake according to the requirement and provide the best solution at optimal costs.
We have a technical support team who can answer all of your questions free of cost. They can guide you through the process, and craft the best possible solution to ensure a pleasant experience.

Industry Specific Solutions

Peregrine InfoWorld is noted for its custom solutions. For all our clients, we try to provide solutions that are designed to specifically fit the industry they operate in. Through our knowledge and experience in the industry, we help translate ideas into value-added services that give customers an edge in business and peace of mind. With us, you are guaranteed to get nothing but quality services and non-stop support all throughout.

Entire solution for the Cab booking system including Driver and Customer apps and Admin panel to manage it from the backend.

On-Demand Home Delivery App solution for Food, Grocery, Medicine, etc. Simple to operate and powerful for the business.

Online Dating App with the latest and engaging design with matchmaking, Chat, Call, and other latest features with free and subscription model options.

An app for the professional networks to get connected and share ideas, talk business, promote service,s, etc. for the business-driven opportunity.

User-friendly software solutions for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other Institutes involved in the education industry for quick and efficient admin work, for Online lectures and managing heavily loaded video transmissions, for learning interactive games, etc.

An app to serve all the needs to run On-demand services with Vendor and Customer fronts, online bookings, payment gateways, and VOIP supports.

One of the leading industries nowadays – is OTT platforms to stream online videos and manage social following like TikTok, Youtube, Netflix, etc. with revenue generation model logic via advertisement and subscriptions.

To trade Stocks and other permitted commodities and to buy-manage mutual funds with super fast real-time transaction and operations facilities.

People Who Trust Us

Peregrine Infoworld has been sui far my best decision ever. The team is built professionally with the best in class developers and designers. I would definitely recommend Peregrine Infoworld to anyone who is considering to develop IT Managed Services.

Swapnil, Resis

عمل مميز واحترافي قدمه فريق العمل في تطوير التطبيق والموقع، من ناحية التصميم والتطوير والجودة. يستحق أن تكرر هذه التجربة في مشروع آخر.

Ayid Almgati, Sendan

They adhere to the time and the processes that are placed within the client organisation and work together with the client to improve the quality of the processes and the overall work. They work thinking the clients priority in mind.

Justine Stieger,, CEO

Peregrine InfoWorld has proved itself to be a trusted partner for proceeding with long-term relationship. It is a very professional company, very reliable, very pleasant to work with. I can only highly recommend this team.

Nish Langue, GM

They showed professionalism and outstanding efficiency. Timely updates about the progress and discussion about it and making the final product deliver on time, made me deeply impressed about Peregrine InfoWorld . I will strongly recommend them to all the other consumers for their software requirement.

Amik Nadeem,, Sales Head

Peregrine InfoWorld provides the best quality deliverable even in the most strenuous times. I am deeply satisfied by their quality of the product and also been impressed by their pre and post sales service.


Recent Work

We have an elaborate portfolio of accomplished projects that are up and running right now. Our recent works are all custom software projects combined Web & Mobile platforms that we delivered for our clients.

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Peregrine InfoWorld Client Friendly Business Model

We have a very simple business model and that is focused on one and one thing alone, customer satisfaction. With our services and support, our biggest concern is how we can deliver you something that best fits your needs. Beyond commercial incentives, our object is to help your business reach the heights it has set out to achieve. That’s why timely delivery is one of our top priorities. Our business model has two pillars namely fair pricing and timely delivery. All the projects are processed at our dedicated development facility.

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